Six Months, Thousands of Dollars, and No Results
Until 12khz stepped in…

Increases in Organic Traffic
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Boonswang Law began working with a reputable SEO company in October of 2014.  Despite spending thousands and thousands of dollars, the work that this company did was not generating any organic traffic.  In March of 2015,  we launched the new website, addressing a number of issues with the previous website.  After a few months of PPC, the firm decided to end their contract with the previous company and come work with us.

As you can see by this chart brought to us courtesy of SEM Rush, the site began gaining organic traffic within a month.  By the end of the summer, the firm was getting several cases a month that could be entirely attributable to our SEO efforts.  With the large amounts of money that a case can bring to a firm, we estimated a return on investment of anywhere from 500%-750%.


“I wish I had only started working with you earlier.  Yours is the first SEO company that I’ve worked with that has actually delivered any sorts of results” — Chad Boonswang, Esq.