This post will help guide you towards running a lean, mean, profitable Adwords account.

You are drowning in data.  Between your Analytics and Adwords accounts, there is so much information available to you that you don’t even know where to start.  It doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Start with the question “what do I want customers to do?”

When it comes to a law firm’s digital campaigns, you want people to do one of the following:

  • become aware of your area of practice
  • become aware of your practice
  • contact and hire you

The metrics that you need to focus on are the ones that are related to your objective.  Each of these aforementioned goals will measured in different ways.  Pick the number that reflects the effectiveness of your campaign and use it as the deciding factor when choosing what to remove.

The remove box is the most important box on your screen

You are wasting money on clicks that do not make the clients that you want do the things that you want them to do.  I know, that was a mouthful; read it again.

If you dig into your keywords, scheduling, and dimensions tabs, you will find that a small percentage of your account actually drives business.  A small percentage of your keywords result in people contacting you, downloading your white paper, or whatever it is that you want them to do.  There are hours during the day that your numbers do better.  There are days of the week that your goals are met at higher rates than others.  Why do you spend money on something that clearly doesn’t perform as well as something else?

Stop spending money on your lowest performers and spend it on your stars

Are 3% of your Sunday visitors downloading your whitepaper vs. 1.8% of your Monday visitors?  Stop spending money on Mondays.  Use those funds to raise your bids on Sundays by 20%.

Are 4% of your Monday clicks resulting in client contacts, vs. 7% on Thursday?  Again, free up some money by stopping your Monday ads and direct them towards Thursday clicks.

You get the idea; just like a major league organization gets stronger by cutting its weakest players, you should be doing the same thing with your Adwords accounts.  Eventually, you should only be spending money on a few of your strongest terms, days, keywords, and ads.  This will allow you focus your resources on what works and help your practice grow.