Some Basic Things to Keep in Mind When Planning The Layout of Your Website

Hi, it’s Frank at 12khz.  We are going to be showing you today a website that we built for a client a month or two ago but we are going to be using an example of what works when it comes to having a website in-transit business for a small business. So as you can see, this is for Mosser Legal. This is an appeals law firm in Philadelphia.  This industry, just the legal industry, is extremely competitive because it has an extremely high pay off if you win.  You know, if  you have a website that’s converting, if you are ranking  well on Google you’re going to make a friggin’ fortune.  So as you can imagine, they really have to put in a lot of budget to maximizing the impact of what these websites can do for a law firm.

So let’s check it out.

First thing you land on the website and you have a very clear value proposition.  You know where we are claiming we are of the value, we are the appeals firm in Pennsylvania.  We have  a little proof over here saying, you know, we have over 900 appeals and counting.  It’s important when someone  first land on a  website they understand exactly what it is that you do, what makes you different than every other place.  Someone should not have to scroll on the website and really search around and just say,  okay,  this guy is a criminal defense firm, this is a basement waterproofing place,  this is a contractor that focuses mostly on roofing and windows.  He doesn’t really do kitchens, so let me go someplace else.  You want people to understand exactly what it is immediately.

As I scroll down, you can see that we are talking about the three main areas of business for this firm, criminal appeals, civil appeals.  And in your business there may be something else,  for example, at 12khz we focus mostly on paid search, web design, and SEO, so those are the first three things that we focus on when you land on our website.

As you scroll down we hit you up all of a  sudden with  a call to action, click to call us now.   This is mostly for people that are on mobile phones.   As we  scroll down we’ll make it  a little bit more of the case, why we should hire them and why you should hire us.   Going down, continuing on why you should hire us, some people  want to hear what other clients have said.  If you click here it will take you to a page where there are even more testimonials.   And then at the end yet another call to action, tell us about your case, so this is where we are collecting the leads.

So at this stage…

you have, at the top of the site, the, call us now, this is something you would be manually dialed on a desktop site.

I’m  just going to shrink this, or on a mobile site, you’re going to see it right at the top no matter where you go on the website. As they scroll down we have “click to call us now,” yet another,” tap to dial.”  We have then “ tell us about your case” and then at the very very bottom, you know,  a map that shows people how they can get to the office if they need to, you know, come and visit with the firm.  So the point here is that when someone lands on the website they need to see immediately what it is that you do, what it is you can offer that they won’t necessarily get from someone else.  Second, you need to hit them over the head with a with  the calls to action.  Every place they go, click here, click here, call us, call us, email us, follow us, sign up for our newsletter.  Third, there need to be a coherent progression of what it is that you are doing.   So in this case, this is what we are, okay? Alright, we are still on this is what we are, okay?  Now, we are getting into, this is why you should hire us, with successful cases for clients throughout, and you state,   here are some of our clients talking about us.   And then again a final wrap-up of this is why you should…a  final wrap-up saying, contact us.